the network

To connect, either use webchat or configure a client.

Try HexChat - Use the Win7 exe for Win10 - HexChat settings screenshot - mIRC settings screenshot

    Port: 6697
    SSL: Yes (valid, TLS1.2+)
    You can authenticate with any of the following:
        * /msg NickServ
        * /NickServ (or /quote NickServ)
        * Server password (forwarded to NickServ)
        * SASL
            * Plain
            * Authcookie
            * External
            * Ecdsa-nist256p-challenge
        * Client certificates (sha256 fingerprint)
    IRCv3 capabilities: extended-join server-time message-tags echo-message
        invite-notify account-tag multi-prefix batch account-notify
        userhost-in-names chghost sasl
    Also supports websockets at wss://

For problems, find riley / tg / twit